Open House Management Solutions (OHMS) operates as a global provider of geotechnical engineering (rock engineering) services for the minerals industry. We specialize in geotechnical engineering design and rock mass response monitoring for underground and surface mining operations. The company has been in operation since January 2000 and has a proficient and seasoned team, well-equipped to engage with a wide spectrum of geotechnical engineering challenges.  

Our Services


Seismic Monitoring and Instrumentation


OHMS is a leading provider of geotechnical monitoring solutions. We can design tailor-made rock mass response monitoring systems, regardless of mining method and environment. Our involvement typically starts with a comprehensive needs analysis. Following the outcome of the needs analysis, solutions can comprise of system design, instrument specification, component sourcing, installation, and commissioning. More often than not combinations of instruments are connected in a data logging and telemetry network, communicating to a control centre or office of choice. We have the capability to analyse and interpret the recorded response and advise on appropriate course of action, if required.


As industry experts, OHMS specializes in:

  • Measuring crack and surface deformations.
  • Monitoring vibrations and seismicity.
  • Quantifying changes in rock mass stress.
  • Monitoring of instrumented support units.
  • Monitoring excavation deformation.
  • Networking and telemetry associated with geotechnical instrumentation.

We have a global footprint